- Strategic Questioning -


  • Amik was founded in 1976 by the current president, Alberto De Agazio, aiming to import and distribute chemicals and raw materials in the Italian and European market.
  • Thank to management skills and a very nimble structure, in short time AMIK has been able to take a leader position in the chemical domestic market.

Amik is nowadays leading a Group of companies achieving an yearly turnover of about 100million euro with operational basis located worldwide.
Accurate market research and products analysis allow Amik Italia to offer its customers high quality products at competitive prices.



Since its foundation the company was born with a very strong international vocation and immediately after starting up Amik opened purchasing offices all over Europe.


Amik Shanghai office opened to play on a high competitive role and larger view, supported by a stabile presence in those areas where most of the suppliers are located.


With the aim to increase the business and focus on BRICS market, Amik has opened in Sao Paolo do Brasil Amik do Brasil.


From an idea of ​​the current CEO Amik established Bromochim Europe Srl, a sister company of Amik Italia to further develop the domestic market focusing on additives for the masterbatch industry.


Amik Plastificanti Srl gave the green line to its chemicals plant in joint venture with a third partner, so as to produce and sale epoxy soya bean oil.


Phenix Polyurethans S.r.l. is born, through which Amik Italia intends to guarantee complete coverage in the Polyurethane sector.