Regulatory News: Will REACH become RECH?

In the frame of Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), the Commission is reviewing the main piece of legislation related to chemicals in Europe: namely, the REACH Regulation. The aim of this is to simplify and strengthen the legal framework.

At Commission and Member States level (in the CARACAL meeting of January 2022) one discussion was on the possible reform of the Authorization and Restriction processes.

Different scenarios are now under discussion.

Options on table are:
1) simplyfing Authorization and restriction processes2) Merge Restriction and Authorization processes;
3) Remove Authorization partially or entirely from the regulation.

Discussion on SVHC future role is consequently also ongoing. More information request for registrants and DU may be possible, with an initial notification and annual fee for interested parties.

In the second half of January 2022, the discussion was also opened for REACH Regulation, with the possibility for stakeholders to participate to the consultation on the targeted revision of the REACH Regulation.

Amik Italia will follow the evolution of the regulatory process, actively contributing in the discussion at Associations level to converge to the best way to be followed for Industry in this framework.